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8 November 2017
THE 20th JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL HANDICRAFT TRADE FAIR 25 - 29 APRIL 2018 Loftiness of North Sumatra. Rug of the largest lake in Southeast Asia with green hills becomes into a magnet and the attraction of the northern region of the island of Sumatra. detail

24 September 2014
The 11th International Craft & Gift Fair - INDOCRAFT 2014
"Preserving Indonesian Traditional Heritage" detail

6 Maret 2012

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We are a small efficient team who have had over 15 years of experience handling all kinds of orders from handicrafts, flags, T-shirts to special requests and we work together with a very reliable cargo firm who has had experience since 1990 exporting goods to all over the world.

We welcome you to have a sightseeing through our website and if you have your own ideas and would like to create something new, we shall be happy to do our best to fulfill your wishes. Your own designs and creations will be protected and not shown in the website unless you have no objections to do so.

We organize sea and airfreight but also shipments according to your enquiry. For details you can email us at

Our Team:

Andrew Robbyansyah, Ulrike and owner of Bayu Duwur Cargo I Nengah Budiasa


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